Yorkville Condo Market Snapshot



123 Listings On Market As Of Yesterday

Pending Sales

77 Listings In Contract As Of Yesterday

Market Pulse

0.63 Pending-To-Active Ratio As Of Yesterday

Days On Market

n/a Median Days On Market As Of Yesterday

Price / Square Foot

$ 1,256 March Median Price Per Sft

Median Sale Price

$ 1,425,000 March Median Sale Price

Monthly New Supply

32 New Listings In March

Monthly Contract Activity

31 Contracts Signed In March

Re-Supply Pace

1 New Supply Vs Contracts Signed In March

Monthly Closed Sales

35 March Sales Volume

Median Listing Discount

7.5 % March Median Discount

Monthly Absorption Rate

8 Absorption Rate As Of March

Off Market

160 Off-Market Listings As Of Apr 08

Sales Over Asking Price

n/a Sold Above Ask In Q1

Discount To Dom

-9.3 % Median Discount Under 30 Days In Q1