November And December Are Free

David Goldsmith

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If you have a rental listing right now the odds of renting it at top dollar for immediate occupancy are slim to none. This means any way you slice it your owners won't get the rent they want for at least 2 months, and who knows what the market is going to be like in 2023? So if those months are going to be lost anyway, how about putting them to good use?

Regardless of what your current offering is in terms of concessions (OP/free rent) using the inability to collect rent the next 2 months anyway presents a win/win opportunity. Of course the additional concessions make the unit more attractive to the market. The owner can use the opportunity to get a higher base rent and adjust the term so that the lease expires between May to August and hit the market during peak season. And all for essentially no real cost to them because they aren't going to be collecting that rent anyway.