Historical Supply vs Pending Sales for Manhattan

David Goldsmith

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Come to the Dark Side, Noah! Lol.

I also think right now Pending is overstated because ACRIS is still lagging and there's a lot of stuff which has actually closed but still marked as In Contract.

I think anyone who thinks prices are not heading down is in denial of Keynesian Microeconomics.

Noah Rosenblatt

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lol..funny. So acris starting to file at higher capacity last 3-4 weeks, so the system update slowdown issue is past I think. Now its just whatever is in the pipeline volume wise from last 6+ months. So thats one. Second, I must say, Im impressed with deal vol these last 6+ weeks. If we can stay in 800s for a bit, that is enough to push pending higher as well from the depths of hell we hit in shutdown

very fluid situation heading into a covid winter though

Prices - all the datasets I see show less negotiability today than during shutdown - so prices are def down, looks like we are bouncing a bit off June lows, but that can be beaten by lower lows quite easily when looking ahead the next 4-6 months of sales being recorded...in the field, def not as fearful or illquid