First Peak of Covid Sales

Noah Rosenblatt

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Right now UD waits 2 months, so on AUG 1 we will publish the MAY bar for sales price trends in chart room, with JUNE/JULY waiting for more data.

As of right now, here is how all 3 months look in terms of sales data for MAY, JUNE, JULY 2020:


Links for all:

July closed sales
June closed sales
May closed sales

Notice a few things:

- JUNE Med price of 952K leads me to think JUNE will ultimately be the covid low for med sale price..but lets see.
- JULY showing bump in Med sale price + PPSF from JUNE
- LIST DISCOUNT from original ask, or negotiability, highest in JULY even though price metrics showing a rise.

Still too soon to look at JULY as you can see only 229 listings closed so far and that represents less than half of July's totals. Need more time and will keep checking on this. I still expect a sharp, fast fall in covid price bottom, followed by a bounce back retracement soonafter