Eviction Ban

I am curious to hear what everyone thinks will happen to the NYC Sales market when this eviction expires on August 31st. Personally, I do not think most condo or coop owners have been affected by non paying renters but would love to hear your thoughts.

David Goldsmith

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I agree with you. Although I'm certain there have been some owners affected by non-paying tenants I don't think the numbers are large enough. The larger numbers might be in Coops where the buildings changed their sublet policies or individual owners ran out of the time allowed to sublet under their Coop's rules, but I still don't think enough to shift the sales market - although perhaps in a particular building if this led to a bunch of units being carried vacant and for sale all at the same time it could cause a short lived opportunity. But this would be down the road because with the backup in the courts it's going to be a while after lifting that physical evictions actually occur.

Finally I think there is a very good chance the deadline will be moved to January.