Are Attorneys Too Busy?

David Goldsmith

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Over the last couple of months I have heard of any number of attorneys complaining about business being slow. Firms which were doing 50 deals a month currently with 5 pending closings, etc.

As such I'm perplexed how it is that I gave the seller of the 2 family house I'm representing in Richmond Hill Queens a list of 5 firms last Friday, she says she called all of them, and not a single one has gotten back to her? Including one which The Real Deal described as "the most active residential practice."

Is it because they are mentioning my name and when they hear that they think "f*ck that. I'm not getting involved in another one of those David Goldsmith deals?" LOL

David Goldsmith

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In the continuing saga of idiot attorneys on this deal I'm working on:
1) Last week the buyer's lender requested a copy of the cancelled check for the contract deposit but the buyer didn't have it. Because one of the sellers attorneys didn't bother to deposit it.
2) Trying to get the deal to a closing and none of the attorneys can bother to lift the finger. So yesterday I sent an email to the buyer's attorney requesting (among other things) the NY:
"Also, Do we have an idea of what the purchasers title company still has outstanding and what they will need to write a new policy? I would like to see if we can get any issues cleared before we are at the closing table."

The response was mostly excuses for not lifting your finger including:
"Buyer's attorney would have to confirm title is cleared with the title company before closing is even scheduled. "

So since we're engaged in a game of playing stupid. I responded:
"Thank you for confirming that Title is cleared and as far as that is concerned, you are ready to close."

And got back:
"What? I didn't confirm Title is cleared to close, that is for the seller's attorney to do"