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    2021 $ volume off the charts (literally!)

    Check this out - the dollar volume of signed contracts in the 2Q of 2021 is a record by far. Moreover, look at the slope from q1 to q2 - it's also the mot intense on record..... it's nuts out there, right now.... BUT since 2004, only 3 years have seen $ vol increase from q2 to q3. One of those...
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    Are buyers coming up or are sellers coming down?

    A look a the # of price cuts suggests it's the sellers who are budging first....
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    Spread Between Renovated vs Unrenovated Units

    Sneak peek of Monday's new report for our Pro Full subscribers: The spread between renovated and unrenovated units appears to be blowing out. With all the new logistical and hurdles imposed at most buildings, buyers appear to be actively repricing the work involved...
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    New Dev 2021 & Beyond

    Noah and I had a great webinar on new development yesterday with Stephen Kliegerman, Shlomi Reuveni, and Ryan Schleis. The focus was viewer questions. While we got to a bunch, there were several we couldn't get to, so feel free to ask or comment here! If you missed the show, here's a link:
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    Pending Sales over 2K....but....

    Is ACRIS having issues? Looking at condo sales, I see just one (!) filed on Friday, Sept 25, 2020. Usually, there are dozens. System issue? Or is this the COVID contract slowdown working its way through the pipeline? Not sure, but I would assume a slowdown for Apr, May, and June contracts would...
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    Self-managed buildings

    Curious for thoughts here. Self-managed buildings tend to operate on much lower budgets, but do the savings come with a higher price down the line? Especially now with so many local law and covid-based regulations. Do self-managed buildings face a higher risk of large assessments vs...
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    City v Suburbs

    There's been a lot of media attention to people leaving the city for the suburbs, but not a lot of data/thought. Thoughts: - The point of moving to the burbs is more space/schools with easy access to the city for work - If work is remote, why commute? - If the city is contagious, why be near...
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    RLS issues?

    Seeing a bunch of active listings at 1 Manhattan Square that are showing up as in contract on SE.... Anyone else see any bulk set listings where RLS has one thing and SE has another?