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    Upheaval For Agents

    The deal with BHS is just one of the ways Christie’s International is shifting from corporate-owned brokerages to independent ones. The brokerage chose not to renew its agreement with Long & Foster’s and terminated its agreement with Harry Norman. This to me stands out the most - as it means...
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    Sell signal in Market Pulse?

    I think one of the biggest threats to those aspirationally priced resale units is new construction inventory. I think the coops with the aspirational pricing have the most to lose in this scenario for a variety of reasons , pricing, disclosure, length of process etc etc
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    Are Foreign Buyers Returning?

    Writing an offer for the clients that were here this last week, and have some coming in at the end of month and throughout December .....and some are putting time on calendar for January as well.
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    Are Foreign Buyers Returning?

    I started to get calls when the announcement of the opening was made, this announcement also spurred some domestic clients into action. I’m wrapping up with a client from overseas now,and have a few others scheduled to come in the next 6 to 8 weeks.
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    Manhattan Retail Scrapbook

    Downloading the app (not that I need more carbs -but glad to support local businesses
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    What's driving this sales market across the country?

    What I have worried/wondered about since the mad rush began last year, with the escalation in pricing, what would happen a year or so later, as things "returned" , or people realized they didn't know as much about where they decided to move to ,and perhaps don't like it-but now they've paid well...
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    Brokers!! What are you seeing out there???

    As I'm thinking more about this and there are so many other sometimes intangibles , as not all offers are equally viable ,particularly in scenarios where the buyers are increasing their offers, their DTI and PCA shift ,and in a scenario like this trying to explain to someone who had the highest...
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    Brooklyn Charts LIVE on UrbanDigs!!

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    Active on all levels...what are you seeing?

    It mirrors what I am seeing in my practice. The last few weeks especially have felt a significant uptick in urgency from my buyer clients,especially those from approximately 600-2M. My 2-5M, and 6+ are less urgent, but trying to make decisions so they can spend the summer getting reacclimatized...
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    Manhattan's recovery checklist

    Yes,great stuff, ah writing ! On my "to return" list too. Cheers and have a grand weekend !
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    Manhattan's recovery checklist

    This is great ! Thank you .
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    Return of Aspirational Pricing ?

    I got an email the other day, with a price increase of 1M....
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    Are developers playing "chicken" with the market?

    “has worked with investors who have offered as much as 35% off the asking price for dozens of new development condominiums “ what people are offering and whether or not transactions are coming together are two different things ... it will be interesting to watch what occurs in the next year...
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    Upheaval For Agents

    In light of this comment...I'm intrigued by models like Side if/when they come to NYC.