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    Where is mortgage money going to come from?

    I keep hearing that we are at all time record low rates......but im still yet to find a cheaper mortgage than my existing 30 year fixed of 3.25% that we signed up with some 4 or 5 years ago. (Jumbo $875k on 2.4m coop, 740+ credit). Id willingly love to refinance to a lower rate......but when...
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    Who Broke The Mortgage Market And When Will It Be Fixed?

    Its not broken. Feds can print with the push of a button. Doesnt even cost them "ink" anymore.
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    Where is mortgage money going to come from?

    Anyone thinking this pandemic is going to last for a year or longer.....should be buying land and guns in Virginia. Anyone thinking this is going to be over in 6 months or less......should be buying any reit they can. I'm super overweight $WPG as i think people will be shopping before the...