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    New hope or last gasp for WeWork? (Or all CoWorking) WeWork, Neumann join forces against Sapir in lease dispute Landlord alleges the co-working firm and its former CEO owe $17M for exiting Madison Ave lease Two years after their acrimonious...
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    Contractors , Painters , Floor people
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    Does NYC Need to Beef Up Local Law 10 Enforcement?

    New York's Cooperative and Condominium Community Subscribe to Habitat Magazine JANUARY 27, 2022 For Co-ops and Condos, Garages Are the New Facades By Bill Morris The clock has begun ticking on the latest unfunded mandate...
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    Supply bottoming signal spotted - Sellers beware

    Also, judging from several factors (emails from brokers seeking off market listings, units getting listed as already in contract, closings appearing with no listing, etc) there has been a big rise in the number of units available as pocket listings. So I think the real number of "on market" is...
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    Contractors , Painters , Floor people

    The painting is a huge variable especially depending on the level of prep work (plaster repair, skim coat, etc). I spent over $20,000 "painting" my last 1 BR apartment (it did last over 20 years though).
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    Supply bottoming signal spotted - Sellers beware

    I'm hearing some pushing "no supply" narrative, yet AFAIK we are above the annual low point of what we had 2013 through 2017.
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    Rate Hikes For 2022? Fed likely to hike rates in March as Powell vows sustained inflation fight Summary Powell says central bank likely to raise rates in March Fed chief says inflation has not improved...
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    The acceleration of the retail apocalypse under Coronavirus

    A new set of retail vacancies on lower 5th Avenue in Flatiron, including the last day for Ann Taylor. At 5:30PM almost all the stores from 14th St to 23rd St were closed already and almost no foot traffic. I don't think I've see it this dead at that time in almost 30 years.
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    "Last straw" for NYC hotel industry? Watermark Capital looks to sell indebted Holiday Inn in Chelsea Firm purchased property for $113M in 2013 but fell behind on mortgage payments during pandemic A national hotel investor is...
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    Crime on the rise? Yo this dude is, Michael Rapaport films alleged shoplifter boldly robbing an NYC Rite Aid New York actor and comedian Michael Rapaport flipped out in a Tuesday social media post that shows an alleged...
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    "Last straw" for NYC hotel industry?

    Investment Corporation Of Dubai Takes 52% Hit On Sale Of Mandarin Oriental Hotel In NYC
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    Residential tenants paying rent (or maybe not) $2B in Hochul budget could fund rent relief Relief needs approval by the state legislature and would take months Gov. Kathy Hochul dangled a bone in front of rent-starved landlords Tuesday, proposing a budget...
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    Crime on the rise?

    Dear Mayor Adams, Would you like to walk back your statement that it's only the perception of crime? MTA officials address alarming rise in crime, promise more uniformed officers on...
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    Upheaval For Agents @properties sells Christie’s NYC brokerage to Brown Harris Stevens Christie’s also cuts ties to Long & Foster and Harry Norman in shift to indie firms Chicago-based @properties sold Christie’s...
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    Are developers playing "chicken" with the market?

    This week way down from Fall peak weeks. This week's New Development Report from Sotheby's Kevin Brown Team. These are huge numbers for December.