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Introducing a New Way to Buy Manhattan Real Estate

Traditional Buyer Broker Services - Noah has built a reputation of trust and expertise as he works exclusively with buyers looking to navigate the fast paced and complex world of Manhattan real estate. With a data-centric mentality, Noah’s approach to servicing buyers focuses on utilizing the latest technology and real time market data to assess current market trends unique to each buyer’s needs. Buyers most interested in, “What is the market doing right now” and “where should this property trade given current market conditions” are a perfect match for Noah’s talents. Generally, traditional buyer broker services encompass every aspect of the buying process starting from initial search to ultimate closing.

Noah’s true value will become evident once a target property is identified and a bidding strategy needs to be developed. Having a proven expert on your side during the negotiation and bidding process could not be more important in a market like Manhattan, and Noah has built his business around catering to the high expectations of his buyer clients.

Buyer broker services are FREE to the buyer. The buyers agent commission is paid at closing by the seller and split between the listing agent and buyer broker. Buyer broker services include the full suite of services that buyers demand, from initial property search all the way up until closing.

How it works?

New Client

We set our new client up with Agentfolio.com, which is a broker to client platform to help streamline and organize the search process

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Product Knowledge

Learn product knowledge by visiting open houses and setting up private appointments. This is the main service aspect of the buy side process. Also during this time, we will be available to gather informaton on desired units and provide consulting on general protocols to the Manhattan residential sales markets. Managing the buyer’s expectations properly on what to expect is a big part of what we do.

Comparable Sales Report

We create a Comparable Sales report for the target apartment that buyer like, and would like to bid on. By hand picking relevant comps to the target unit, we then focus on adjustments for time, floor/view, renovation, and when necessary, size, and unique features such as outdoor space. By putting the comps on the same par as the target unit with minimal adjustments, we attempt to come up with a Fair Market Opinion (FMO).

Report Report