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Manhattan Snapshot | Resale vs New/Recent Development Posted by Noah Rosenblatt in Uncategorized

Wanted to share with you a new feature that will be available to UD Pro agents when we re-launch this summer. The new tool allows you to differentiate between Resale & New/Recent Developments and then utilize our dynamic, hyperlocal charting system. Let’s check out how both these markets are doing now.

First, here is a snapshot of Manhattan Existing Resale Market as of today:

Second, here is a snapshot of the Manhattan New (<5yrs) & Recent Development (5-15yrs) Market as of today:

Enjoy! We will be back to a full blogging schedule next week to start discussing Did You Know sessions explaining how to use and take advantage of all tools in the UD ecosystem, upcoming new site features, as well as good ole market commentary that has been ignored for far too long! See you soon!