Still Going Strong...84 Deals Past 2 Days

Posted by urbandigs

Tue Nov 30th, 2010 09:14 PM

A: Was chatting with some colleagues a week ago how even with the upcoming holidays that there were still plenty of listings with offers accepted and contracts out, waiting to be signed. I wrote about it last Wednesday stating, "I lost out on two deals recently for two separate clients, both of which had multiple offers. On another note, when setting up appts for a third client, at least 3 of the 8 desired properties are no longer showing because they have contracts expected to be signed any day". Over the past 2 days, our real time market ticker is picking up on these new deals. Let me show you.

It is what it is, and the data doesnt lie. There were 84 new deals signed in the past 2 days as I believe we just got our last update in. Here is a quick snapshot showing you the real time listing updates via our 'market ticker'; direct from the ROLEX broker sharing system:


November's tally should report soon in the Broker YoY section and Ill try to publish that before I leave for 3 days break out of the city. But it looks like we are in line to beat out October's total of 749 new contracts signed.

In short, the action the brokers and buyers have seen in the past few weeks are finally getting signed; and the ticker is picking up on it. Market is still moving. I'll report on it if a seasonal slowdown starts to kick in as 2010 closes out.