Pending Sales UES vs UWS / 2+ Baths / $1-$2m

Posted by urbandigs

Thu Nov 4th, 2010 07:34 PM

A: We finished #1 on our To-Do List and now subscribers can fully take advantage of our Sub-Market Trends tab in the Charts section. Lets play a little.

Pending Sales UES/2+Baths/$1-2M (green line) submarket vs UWS/2+Baths/$1-2M (orange line) submarket:


Looks like in this little segment of the Manhattan market, those that must have 2 baths and up to $2,000,000.00 to spend, the Upper East is a bit more in sync with the general market tick UP than the Upper West. Looks like this slice of the UWS market started to move up earlier, in late September, and came back a bit in past few weeks.

Perhaps its because inventory is tighter in this submarket of the UWS, and buyers acted a bit quicker to take property once inventory came on post Labor Day?? That would be my interpretation of this.