NYC Sentiment Survey

Posted by urbandigs

Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 03:00 PM

A: If possible, lets try to help out the very great, the very wise, the one, the only, Ana Maria from The Apple Peeled - who is looking for as large a dataset as possible on her new NYC Buyer + Seller Sentiment Survey.

Take the NYC Sentiment Survey Now.

From The Apple Peeled:

Thanksgiving is upon us and it has inspired us to want to give back and provide true value to our readers, above and beyond our monthly content. Not one day passes in which we don't hear a buyer ask "what are sellers thinking?" or a seller ask "what's the buyer sentiment out there?". We want to be able to answer these questions and we need your help to do so.

We are launching what will be a periodic survey of buyers and sellers, to shed light on the ever-elusive thoughts of the other side, how they feel about the economy, the housing market, and their own personal buy / sell decisions.
Go Ana Go! I always wanted to see a credible Buyer Confidence Index of sorts for the Manhattan markets, so I love seeing someone go ahead and do it. Please find a few minutes to take the survey, and provide any feedback about how to enhance the idea to Ana Maria. Thanks and Happy Turkey Day all!!