60 Signed Deals Yesterday

Posted by urbandigs

Wed Nov 24th, 2010 11:43 AM

A: What Turkey Day slowdown?? Buyers are solidifying their deals before the Thanksgiving Day holiday - tells me they want things signed and sealed before we get into the slow part of the year.

I lost out on two deals recently for two separate clients, both of which had multiple offers. On another note, when setting up appts for a third client, at least 3 of the 8 desired properties are no longer showing because they have contracts expected to be signed any day. Take it for what it is, in the field observations. My experience is that buyers dont believe it, or take it slow, until they start to see highly desired property go to contract. When a serious buyer loses multiple desired properties to higher bidders, they tend to act more aggressive the next time around they find an apartment that meets all their needs. The cycle continues and experiences moments of seasonality throughout the year.

Here is the ROLEX Market Ticker that shows you newly signed contracts totals and updates up to 6x a day. If you have seen a bunch of listings go to contract recently, your not alone. Action has been solid for the past 6-7 weeks - notice how there were 60 deals signed yesterday:


**The screenshot shows the TODAY/YEST columns as links for my admin account only, where I did spot checks for data integrity for 10 months in development. So subscribers will not have those updating columns as links.