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How’s the Manhattan market doing? Former equities trader Noah Rosenblatt formed UrbanDigs to answer that simple question. Originally a blog pairing tradable market events with front-line broker reporting, Noah and the UD team sought to tackle the dirty data problems facing the Manhattan residential real estate market. After all, bad data would ultimately produce “bad reports”.

In short, this site is all about accurate Real-time, Hyper-local, Manhattan Market Data. Formed in 2005, over the years UrbanDigs has become the trusted source for Manhattan market reports and unbiased commentary on what was happening in the field. The goal was to close the gap between anecdotal broker reporting and fresh data to quantify market trends.

UrbanDigs’ proprietary data cleansing algorithms allow subscribers to track the overall Manhattan market down to hyper local neighborhood submarkets in real time, create targeted market charts, and generate unique market reports.

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The UrbanDigs Team

The Founders:

Noah Rosenblatt

Noah RosenblattFounder / CEO

Noah is a former equities trader who never lost the desire for clean, relevant data to quantify front line trends in the Manhattan real estate market. After a successful stint on Wall Street, Noah jumped into real estate, first at Citi-Habitats and Halstead, before becoming the founder and principal of UrbanDigs, LLC. When not ingesting or digesting market data, Noah can be found relaxing on his Southbury, CT farm with his wife, dogs and goats.

John Walkup

John WalkupPartner / Business Development

John is not only a partner, he’s also a client: John used UrbanDigs for his buyside representation when he bought his NYC apartment. As another longtime trader, UD’s data-centric rigor resonated with him and he soon decided to become an active investor. Prior to teaming up with Noah to grow UD, John served as the managing member of a stat-arb fund for several years. John lives on the Upper East Side with his wife and small children.

The Development Team:

DanielLead Developer

IuliaFront-end Developer

JohnSenior Developer

BogdaniOS Developer

AlexandruUI/UX Designer

TudorProject Manager

Where we are headed with this project?

  • Data Solutions (2008-2010)

    The UD team spent over two years developing proprietary data cleansing algorithms to unite disparate database and user input feeds. When it went live in October 2010, the UD system instantly became the go-to source for real estate professionals as the only source for accurate hyperlocal real-time charts. By fastidiously scrubbing, syncing and standardizing the data, UD is able to offer market trends going back to the beginning of 2008 and help to create a more transparent marketplace for all professionals that cater to the Manhattan real estate industry.

  • User Experience Enhancement, Price Opinion Model,
    Comps Tool (2010 - 2014)

    After three and a half years of field training sessions throughout the Manhattan brokerage industry, the UD team set out to re-design the site with a simpler, more intuitive interface. We completely re-engineered our original charting system to now effortlessly create charts from both a macro (market wide) and micro (hyper-local) perspective. This new Chart Room will offer users over 56,000 chart combinations and take top honors as the most expansive chart interface for Manhattan real estate. In addition, we redesigned our building sales page to enable users to quickly drill down building wide trends into specific apartment trends. Our building to line granularity provides users with a simple platform to perform quick vertical market analysis. We built a ‘Price Your own Apt’ comps tool by creating a unique price model for target apartments across the Manhattan marketplace. The tools engage the user to make adjustments to put suggested comps on par with the target apartment. The end result is a quick and easy way to vet out potential fair market opinion for a target apartment. All tools can quickly and easily be made into branded and customizable market reports.

  • Mobile & Expansion

    This is just the beginning. While we continue to improve our Price Opinion model to a deeper level of accuracy, we are also thinking about our future. The next phase revolves heavily around mobile and expanding into other vertical markets. By the end Q3 2015, we expect the release of our iOS iPhone App with an Android App to follow soonafter. The app will help consumers and professionals collaborate in a more efficient and seamless way, using tools that make the marketplace more transparent. We are also putting the pieces in place for a quick expansion into Brooklyn.