Data Feed Down, System Correcting Now

Posted by urbandigs

Thu Jun 5th, 2014 07:04 AM

Our RLS data feed that powers the UD charts system went down for 9 days at the end of May, resulting in no new data feeding our system. The feed came back online Friday May 30th and files that we have received since them contain updates both for realtime and the 9 days that the feed was down. The result is a spike as the system gets caught up.

This happened in early Jan and our response flow will be the same, which is:

1. Wait for all new files to come in and the system to normalize. Probably 2 weeks since the feed came back up, which means we should wait until mid June.

2. Our charts should self-correct over the course of the next 2-3 weeks. We built this system knowing that there was the chance of data outages like this. In the end, we just have to deal with each occurrence individually as our system corrects itself over time.

3. Once the 'missed files' seem to be all caught up we will go back and attempt to smooth out the chart from the period when the feed went down to the period of surge when the feed came back online and backfilled missing data.

We are in step 1 now but UD users are noticing and emailing me. So I wanted to explain.

Right now we are putting the finishing touches on an entirely new UD Manhattan data system. It will be night and day and a complete relaunch and redesign of all site pages. Once we push the site live we will work on backup systems so in the event this happens again in the future we have a backup ready to kick in.

I just want everyone who uses & reads this site to understand what the issue is and how we are going about resolving it. Cheers!