Chart Maintenance

Posted by urbandigs

Tue Oct 22nd, 2013 09:16 AM

A: A quick follow up on the last discussion and the impact it had on UrbanDigs charts.

On Sep 18th, REBNY took full control over the Manhattan brokerage industry distribution mechanism (previously known as ROLEX). As a result of this internal changeover, there was a period of filtering & purging of files that for whatever reason were not shared before. This impacted UD supply and off-market charts temporarily (see my last discussion for details on this) causing erroneous sizeable swings in both metrics.

We identified the incorrect listings and are in the process of removing them & regenerating all UD charts right now. Our Manhattan Active Supply charts should be updated now for those that want to see this broad inventory trend without the interference of last month's REBNY changeover.

The Neighborhood & Submarket Charts are still affected. Regenerating datapoints to fill all of our charts take time because of the # of options UrbanDigs subscribers are given to create charts. For example, in our Sub-market Chart section users have the ability to generate 6,144 different chart combinations all of which need to have 70 months of supply & off-market datapoints regenerated. As a result of this maintenance some of our data tools will be temporarily offline or impacted for a few more days as our update takes hold.

I will write another post once I get word all charts have been updated.