Tutorial #1: Using The Real-Time Manhattan Market Ticker

Posted by urbandigs

Mon Nov 7th, 2011 03:38 PM

A: This is just a test on a new series of tutorials I will do explaining every tool of the UrbanDigs real time Manhattan tracking system, and how I use them to interpret market trends and signals. This first test try will be an explanation on how I use the real time market ticker and how I tied the ticker into the monthly bar charts section (monthly contracts signed. monthly actives, etc). Ill also give out some general tips on these videos on what the charts may be telling us on real time conditions in the Manhattan real estate market.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback on these as I keep getting asked to put tutorial videos up on how to use the Manhattan data tools. Nothing was scripted here and I do tend to talk fast (i even tried to slow down!), so let me know how you think I can make these better for users of this sites data! Thanks!

*to go Full Screen, click the play button and then mouse on the video and click the bottom right 'enlarge' button of the player