Ugh, Tired of Waiting..Cant We Get A Peek?

Posted by urbandigs

Thu Apr 29th, 2010 05:03 PM

A: Fresh from the Greenpearl conference, I wanted to give a plug to my good friend Phil Thomas Di Giulio who was co-founder of both and recent startup Phil started the two companies with his partner, Christian Sterner. Phil is da man!

Phil convinced me to do a very brief sneak peak at UrbanDigs 2.0 while at the conference as a test try of his new mobile upload service. It was super cool!

Sneak Peak at UrbanDigs 2.0

I'm sorry it cant be more at the moment, and yes, its hard to see much in the brief video but trust me these final stages are taking 80% of my time right now. I pretty much stopped everything and am not taking any new clients so that I can get this very challenging and tedious project finished. I hope its worth the wait!