$350K & Under Newbies

Posted by urbandigs

Wed Feb 28th, 2007 07:31 AM

A: Got a tight budget in a rough NYC housing market for buyers? With a frenzy going on, cheap deals are very hard to find. Check a few of these listings new to the open market asking under $350,000.

220 East 82nd Street; Apt: 3RE


First Came on Market: 2/12/2007
Asking Price: $350,000
maintenance: $605 (looks good for size)
Size: Aprx 500 SFT
PPSF: $700/sft assuming 500 sft
Marketed By: Theresa Bateman of Halstead

200 East 36th Street; Apt 4J


First Came on Market: 2/23/2007
Asking Price: $349,000
maintenance: $561 (again, good for size)
Size: 425 SFT
PPSF: $821
Marketed By: Eileen Hsu of Elliman

240 East 55th Street; Apt: 2A


First Came on Market: 2/20/2007
Asking Price: $285,000 (wow - this is going to sell fast!)
maintenance: $712 (ok for size)
Size: 550 SFT
PPSF: $518 (did we go back in time?)
Marketed By: Patricia Cliff of Corcoran

301 East 63rd Street; Apt: 4K


First Came on Market: 2/21/2007
Asking Price: $339,000
maintenance: $623 (good for size)
Size: 500 SFT
PPSF: $678
Marketed By: David Lewandowski & Ronald Lense of Elliman

These are by far the best valued properties that are NEW to the market in the past 2 weeks priced under $350,000. While I didn't check out any of these listings, if you are in the hunt for a new home and on a tight budget, I would definitely go to some of these open houses to see if it might work.