Move Day

Posted by urbandigs

Mon Nov 6th, 2006 07:08 AM

A: Heading to NYC to move back home! I thought this day would never come. Not that I didnt enjoy spending time with family, its just that its time to go. Going to be offline until WED when the cable company comes to install cable and internet so will be back to the regular schedule with live chats and postings in a few days. Sorry for the few months of on and off live chat sessions and limited posts. In meantime, here are few more links that you might find interesting:


NYC Income Property Report (Matrix) - Check out this report on NYC's income properties courtesy of Jonathan Miller's partner John Cicero

Is Seattle Bubble-Proof (Rain City Guide) - Ardell's take on the bubble-proof market in Seattle estimates that by March 2007 all bargains will be gone! Will this happen and/or will other major cities follow the same pattern? Don't look at me for any answers.

Condos & CharlAlbemarle Market Stats (Real Central VA) - Jim Duncan's look at this local market's change from 2005 to 2006 shows a big rise in inventory, growing sales, and concludes "...In closing, buying is still a good idea. We are not in a "doom and gloom" market locally. What has changed is this - the philosophy used to be to "buy smart" and "sell smart." In the recent run-up, buyers just tried to "buy," as inventory was so scarce. Now - more time, analysis and thought go into purchasing decisions. And that's not a bad thing." Great post Jim!

Co-op Board Antics Redux
(TrueGotham) - Douglas Heddings post on his experience with board rejections and the disservice that comes with it to other shareholders. Interesting peice.

NYTimes Incorrect Chart on MEW (Calculated Risk) - MEW, or Mortgage Equity Withdrawal, shows just how much American's are cashing out equity from their homes. There's been a ton of debate recently on the ultimate effect of this fundamental. If people own less of their homes, and home values start to drop, well you do the math. Great peice on this topic.

Tidbit of the Day
: Capital Gains Taxes Increasing? Many people have seen their homes increase in value 100%-300%. The capital gains tax provisions that now allow you only to pay 15% on any capital gain revert to 20% after the year 2008. (SuzeOrman)