High End Blues: E. Village Townhouse

Posted by urbandigs

Tue May 16th, 2006 09:09 AM

A: Its been a while since I posted on the High End Blues hitting NYC real estate, so here is one that might be of interest for those in the market to buy a townhouse. This Single-Family Townhouse is located on 64 East 7th Street and has been asking $7.9M since first being listed on 3/14/2006. With a recent reduction of $2M, investors/developers might want to keep an eye on this one as it looks like the seller still might be searching for a bottom!


64 East 7th Street Details

Year Built: 1837
Floors: 3
Units: Zoned for 1 Residential & 1 Commercial
Zoning: R7-2
Width: 25 Feet
FAR: 3.44 (See Below)
Fireplaces: 4 (presently not working)
Stories: 3 + Extended Ground Level Commercial Space
Asking Price: $5.9M (Reduced from $7.9M!)
Marketed By: Stephanie Dennett & Judith Kleinman of Halstead

Some Website notes:

* RARE 25 Ft. 1837 FEDERAL TOWNHOUSE Originally part of Peter Stuyvesant's parcel of land. The house is configured with 13 windowed rooms: 3 interior rooms, a kitchen on the main floor, and 3 bathrooms, with many of the original details remaining throughout.

* The lease for the store occupying the ground level of the house expires September 30, 2006. Thus, the property can be delivered vacant.

* There are 3 stories and an extended ground level commercial space, a 30 ft south garden and a full basement.

FAR: (Floor To Area Ration) - The maximum size (or bulk) of a building on a lot is determined by the floor area ratio (FAR) assigned in the Zoning Resolution to each zoning district. This house has an FAR of 3.44 -- approximately 2,472 unused build-able square feet...an architect's dream!