Say Goodbye To City Noise

Posted by urbandigs

Tue Feb 28th, 2006 08:53 AM

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A: Passing this one along. Thank you to Carol Taxon of Corcoran for bringing me this tip for everyone out there that is tired of New York City Noise. focuses on installing QUIET WINDOWS that supposedly reduces City Noise by up to 95%. A great tip for any homeowner on a heavily trafficked avenue, especially if you are looking to sell; buyers want quiet!

CityQuiet's Product Features Include

According to the website, CitiQuiet will fabricate and install a custom Interior Soundproof Window to mimic the existing window, in style and function. It is also noted that the simple installation does NOT require any construction or alteration to the existing window.

Current styles of windows that can be soundproofed are shown below.

nyc real estate

*NOTE: I would love to hear some feedback from anyone that has actually used this company. Carol Taxon has mentioned that she heard nothing but good things about CityQuiet, but I personally have never used them!