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With over 96,000 charts, UrbanDigs offers the most expansive dynamic chart platform covering the Manhattan marketplace.

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See How UrbanDigs is Helping Thousands Navigate the Manhattan Real Estate Market.

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Unparalleled Data Quality. Engineered for Vertical Market Analysis.

focus on data integrity

Hundreds of thousands of sales records were matched with listing data and then strenuously cleansed, standardized, and formatted for custom use throughout the UrbanDigs toolkit. Our Proprietary “flow algorithms” form the backbone of an elegant model that focuses on data accuracy.

relevance basedprice model

Our platform’s ‘fitness’ models advance relevant comparable sales based on a target property’s unique features, and suggest settings for differences in views and market changes over time. Simply tweak the settings for optimal pricing accuracy.

Comps Fitness Model

Our model scans multiple listing variables to instantly identify the "Best Fit" & "Good Fit" for the Target Apartment

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Assess an Apartment’s Potential Value Before Bidding.

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Comps Analysis has
never been so easy

We help buyers see the market by understanding target building and local neighborhood trends. When you are ready to bid, our engaging comparable sales tool pushes the best comps forward and lets you make adjustments to value a property’s views & renovations your way.

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Identify Price Trends for
Similarly Sized Apartments

The best bids always come in the first few weeks making building sales trends critical for optimizing sell-side pricing strategies. Our tools help sellers price right from the start for maximum exposure.

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Fine Tune Your Pricing Strategy for Maximum Buyer Traffic.

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Create lasting relationships, take on more clients and expedite transactions.

Fully Branded Reports
for all Client Needs

Built by brokers, the UrbanDigs system enables you to spend seconds creating reports that used to take hours. From hyper-local neighborhood reports to pricing reports for new exclusive pitches, our tools will help you manage client expectations and expedite your transactions. Get the competitive advantage you need to stay ahead of the curve!

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